Ballet: This class is divided into levels. This is our foundation class.
Pre-Pointe: This class will help build strength while focusing on our basics. This class will be half Ballet and half on Pointe.
Pointe: This class will be strengthening class on Pointe.
Jazz: This class with use our Ballet fundamentals along with new skills. This class is fun and uplifting.
Jazz/Lyrical: This class will be divided half jazz and half lyrical. Students will work on rhythm and timing along with technique and skills related to each class.
 Technique:  This class will help work on mastering skills and goals.
Preschool Combo: This class is for ages 3-4 years. This class is designed to teach class etiquette and basics for their age.
 Petite Combo:  This class is for ages 4-5 years. This is a high energy combination class. Teaching basics and vocabulary.
 Hip Hop:  This class will be divided by age. Students enjoy the uplifting class filled with different and exciting movements.
Dance Team Prep: This class is designed to help those dancers get ready for dance team auditions.
Tiny Tots: This class is for ages 2-3 Years. We will focus on creative movement and being independent.
Tap: We offer two sessions depending on skill level. Students will learn basics and help work on advanced skills and rhythm coordination.
Contemporary: This class encourages self-expression and emotion.
Tumbling: This class is designed for beginners to learn the basic skills to strengthen themselves in dance.



Season Schedule 

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